Sortie officielle de iMindMap 11 - Communiqué de presse de OpenGenius Ltd. - Concepts Visuels

Sortie officielle de iMindMap 11 – Communiqué de presse de OpenGenius Ltd.

Je vous en ai parlé depuis quelques temps dans de précédents articles en vous dévoilant les nouvelles fonctionnalités de iMindMap 11.

Et bien, ça y est, la version iMindMap 11 est officiellement sortie.

J'ai reçu le communiqué de presse de MindGenius Ltd. que je partage avec vous :

Communiqué de presse

OpenGenius release 11th version of its award-winning iMindMap software.

OpenGenius, the creators of Mind Mapping software, iMindMap, have released the 11th version of the software. The latest version of iMindMap has received extensive updates, features three new workspaces - Radial Map View, Organisational Chart View and Bubble Groups - and is available in 19 languages. Its latest release promises to appeal to visual thinkers on a global scale, in both a business and personal setting.

CEO and Founder of OpenGenius Ltd., Chris Griffiths, has said:

"iMindMap, in its 11th version, is a fully evolved product. What we are offering our users is the opportunity and flexibility to work how they work best. With our roots deeply grounded in Mind Mapping, we understand the power of visual thinking. This is why iMindMap 11 consists of seven innovative and highly visual workspaces. Each workspace and new update has been designed to draw out, develop and action your greatest creative ideas and make you more meaningfully productive. We are so excited to show you what we've created and to see where it takes you."

iMindMap is endorsed by the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan. On the release of its 11th version, Buzan has said:

"For the true creatives, iMindMap 11 will not disappoint. To get more out of your Mind Mapping and maximise its benefits, this is the tool that you need."

The first edition of iMindMap was released by OpenGenius Ltd. in 2006. iMindMap has won the Mind Mapper's Choice Award for the past 2 years. OpenGenius are a software house based in Tec Marina, Wales, UK. Last year, OpenGenius became the first Welsh company to join the London Stock Exchange accelerator program: ELITE.

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Découvrez les nouvelles fonctionnalités

Si vous les avez manqué, voici les nouvelles foncitonnalités :

Pour ma part je me réjoui de découvrir ces nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Et vous ? Quelle fonctionnalité vous intéresse le plus ? Partagez le dans les commentaires.


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